Warhamer Elite Leveling Guide

Guide: Warhammer Elite Leveling Guide
Link: http://www.warhammerelite.com/
Price: $37


  • Easy to follow
  • All areas included for both Order and Destruction
  • Complete to rank 40
  • Screenshots and maps included


  • No quest coordinates
  • Order and Destruction guide sell separately, but both are available for $47

My review:

Screenshots and maps are included in the guide which certainly helps on some complicated quests, and the leveling path described is very easy to follow regardless of your experience level. The quests are almost too-well described but I’m sure you won’t mind. It also includes some leveling with RvR so you don’t ever have to grind.

Warhammer Elite is certainly one of the best guides on the market. The leveling path and tips are really helpful, but in my opinion it lacks a few bonuses like other guides to be on the top. The support is also awesome and the guide has regular updates which you can download for free.

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