Penns Warhammer Leveling Guide

Guide: Penn’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide
Price: $37,95


  • Easy to follow
  • All areas covered
  • Quest coordinates and maps included


  • No bonuses like gold or crafting guides
  • Order guide: complete to level 28
  • Destruction guide: complete to level 38
  • Order and Destruction guides sell separately for 37,95, but you can get both for $49,95

My review:

Since Penn has previous experience from writing World of Warcraft guides, I expected a lot more from him. The leveling path he outlines in his guide can be soloed all the way to rank 40 without having to grind anything, however he basically gives you a list of quests you should do without any helpful screenshots or comments.

Penn’s leveling guide doesn’t have any special bonuses like some other guides reviewed on this website. Although some people don’t even need crafting, RvR or gold guides, I’m sure it’s welcome to get one for free. Penn’s guide is also not 100% complete: the Order leveling guide is complete to rank 28 and Destruction leveling guide to rank 38. Although it says on the website the updated to this guide are frequent, that’s not entirely true. However, if you do decide to purchase Penn’s guide you can login to his members area anytime and download the updated guide for free.

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