Killerguides Warhammer Leveling Guide

Guide: Killerguides Warhammer Leveling Guide
Price: $29,99


  • Both Order and Destruction guides are included and complete
  • All areas covered
  • Includes a RvR, gold, career masteries, equipment and crafting guides
  • Free updates


  • A bit harder to follow, no quest coordinates, maps or screenshots

My review:

Killerguides did not only publish a leveling guide, but rather a complete strategy guide for Warhammer Online. It features many bonuses, including a helpful gold guide and crafting guide, as well as other interesting guides such as RvR, equipment and one or two more.

The leveling path is average, meaning it will help you gain ranks but you shouldn’t expect miracles. It’s not accompanied by detailed maps and coordinates and can be a bit hard to follow sometimes.

Free updates are of course included and you can download the guide whenever you wish. Overall, it is a cool guide, but then again there much better ones out there.

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